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Current Research Interests:

Nonlinear Optimization (非线性优化)、Sparse Optimization(稀疏优化)、Signal processing(信号处理)、Image restoration (图像复原)

Selected Journal Papers:

[1]Wanyou Cheng, Chen Zi xin and Li Dong Hui, An active set truncated Newton method for large-scale boundconstrained optimization,Computers and Mathematics with Applications (SCI),67, 1016-1023, 2014

[2]Wanyou Cheng, Qun Feng Liu and Li Dong Hui, An accurate active set conjugate gradient algorithm with project search for bound constrained optimization,Optimization Letters(SCI), 8, 763-776, 2014.

[3] Chen Zi Xin, Wanyou Cheng*, Li Xiao Liang, A global convergent quasi-Newton method for systems of monotone equations , Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing (EI),44, 455-465, 2014.

[4]Wanyou Cheng, Zixin Chen, Nonmonotone spectral method for Large Scale Symmetric Nonlinear Equations,Numerical Algorithm(SCI), 62, 149-162,2013.

[5] Zixin Chen,Wanyou Cheng*, Spectral-scaling quasi-Newton methods with updates from the one parameter of Broyden's family,Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (SCI) ,15 , 88-98, 2013.

[6]Wanyou Cheng,Erbao-Cao,An adaptive gradient algorithm for large-scale nonlinear bound constrained optimization, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research (SCI),30, 1-12, 2013.

[7]Wanyou Cheng,Descent nonlinear conjugate gradient methods based on the Huang-family secant condition, Journal of Computational Information Systems(EI) 5, 1881-1888, 2012.

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[9]Wanyou Cheng,A subspace modified PRP method for large-scale nonlinear box constrained optimization,Numerical Function Analysis and Optimization (SCI),33 , 1372-1385, 2012.

[10]Wanyou Cheng,Xuejie Liu, A hybrid nonlinear conjugate gradient method with sufficient descent property, Applied Mechanics and Materials(EI), 943, 58-60 , 2011.

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[13]Wanyou Cheng,Li Dong Hui, A derivative-free nonmonotone line search and its application to the spectral residual method,IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (SCI),29, 814–825 , 2009.

[14]程万友,Xiao Yun Hai and Hu Qing Jie, A family of derivative-free conjugate gradient methods for large-scale nonlinear equations,Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (SCI),224 , 11-19 , 2009.

[15]Wanyou Cheng, A PRP type method for systems of monotone equations,Mathematical and Computer Modelling (SCI),50 , 15–20 , 2009.

[16]Wanyou Cheng, Zhang Zong Guo, A truncated descent HS conjugate gradient method and its global convergence,Mathematical Problems in Engineering(SCI),11 , 321-324 , 2009.

[17] Q.J. Hu,Wanyou Cheng, Xiao Yun Hai, An improved active set feasible SQP algorithm for the solution of inequality constrained optimization problems,Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications(SCI),11 , 54-63, 2009.

[18]Wanyou Cheng,A two-term PRP based descent method,Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization(SCI),28, 1217-1230, 2007

[19] Li Dong Hui, Wanyou Cheng, Recent progress in the global convergence of Quasi-Newton methods for nonlinear equations,Hokkaido Mathematical Journal,36, 729-743, 2007.

[20]Qunfeng Liu and Wanyou Cheng. A modi?ed DIRECT algorithm with bilevel partition.Journal of Global Optimization

[21]程万友,胡清洁,李灿,一个新的有限内存的拟牛顿法,:低秤胧(核心), 11 , 121-124, 2007.

Recent Funded Projects:


2稀疏优化算法及其在压缩传感中的应用. 广东省自然科学基金5万 编号:S2013010011809

3大规模有界约束问题研究. 广东省教育厅 编号:LYM1026

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lOptimization and Engineering

lNumerical Function and Optimization

lJournal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

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